Five Step Framework To Help You Follow Your Passion

follow your passion

“I don’t like my job”, 

“I am doing this job just for money”,

“I want to follow my passion but I don’t know how”,

“Will I be able to earn enough money if I leave this job and follow my passion?”

Are these questions  familiar to you? Have you ever said or have heard these statements from someone you know, and wanted to know the answers to these questions? Worry not, you are at the right place. We are about to address these questions. I will provide you the ‘Five Steps Framework’ using which you will be able to follow your passion! But before that let’s understand 3 important factors underlying this questions.

Passion, Market and Skills

The three factors are Passion, Market and Skills.

1. Passion : What your are passionate about

2. Market : How is the market in this field, and what are market needs

3. Skills : What are the Skills that you have regarding your passion, and What skillset is required for the field you are passionate about

Now, now that we know what these three factors are, let’s see how they are interconnected with the help of few scenarios:

Scenario 1: 

You are working at a place, where you have the necessary skills, and there is also Market in this field. However, you are not passionate about this work. 

In this scenario, it’s possible that you will start to feel dissatisfied, and burnout from work. You can succeed and reach higher levels in this job, but the feeling of missing out on something will always be there.

Scenario 2: 

There is Passion and Skills, but no Market. In this scenario, as there is no market for this passion, you will struggle to make money from the skills that you have. The financial burden of needs will always haunt you and make you seek more. 

Scenario 3:

There is Passion and Market, but no Skills. In my opinion, this scenario is the better one to be in, compared to the above two scenarios. As you have Passion and Market covered, the only thing you need to work on in this case is, your skills. In this era of Digital revolution, there is no dearth of ways in which you can improve and learn new skills. 

If I may ask, what do you think will be the ideal scenario to be in? If you said the one with all three, passion market and skills, then you are absolutely correct. This will be the ideal scenario, of you want to follow your passion. Now, let’s see what are the steps that you can follow, to be in this ideal scenario when you want to follow your passion and earn money.

Five Step Framework to Follow your passion

STEP 1: Find out what’s your passion

The first thing you should understand is what really is your passion. Knowing your passion is the most important step in this framework. Take sometime, do some brainstorming, self realization to identify, what really brings you joy, what is that thing which you can do tirelessly, and doesn’t feel like a job. It’s possible that you might have more than one passion, if that’s the case see if you can club related passions. Once you have done that, zero down on one passion you want to focus on. Remember, whenever we are talking about passion in next steps, we are talking about this passion which you have identified in Step 1.

STEP 2: Study the market related to your passion

Now that you have identified your passion, the next step would be to study the market related to your passion.

During this study below are few questions that you can search about: 

  • How big is the market in this field?
  • What are the customer needs?
  • What are the job roles in this field?
  • Which career option interests you the most?
  • What are the requirements of this career option?

Did you get the idea? Go deep into acquiring as much knowledge about the field of your interest. Having more knowledge always help.

STEP 3: Link your passion to the market

You know your passion and also about the market. Now the next steps to link your passion and the market. The underlying assumption of this step is that you want to create a sustainable lifestyle following your passion. Hence it becomes important to think what the world needs, and how can you better serve those needs using your passion.

Example:Let’s say ‘Writing’ is your passion, and you have identified that, Writing about different products interests you. Then in this step you can link your action and market with ‘Copywriting’. Becoming a Copywriter could be one way of following your passion. It involves what interests you (Writing about products) and also has a Market (Corporates ready to pay for your copy).

STEP 4: Learn and improve the necessary skills to succeed in this field

From the above steps, you would have come across the skill set that is required to succeed in this field. You you can also refer to the competitors in this field, which skillset do they have? what are the new skills they are acquiring? What are the new trends in this field? Also, do a self evaluation in terms of what are the skills you have related to this passion and how good you are in those skills. This will help you focus on learning new skills and also in improving the existing skills. Always remember, learning is an ever going process. However, you need to prioritize your learning, so that it will help your craft better in following your passion!

field of your interest

STEP 5: Execute, Learn from your mistakes and repeat

All plans are worthless if there is no execution. Now that you have planned and figured out the path, the final and most important step is to execute. The first time you execute, you might make mistakes. Don’t get bogged down, if you don’t succeed first time. Use these mistakes as a learning step, improve on the skills that you lack and avoid these mistakes in the future. Repeat these steps of execution, learning, planning, and again executing better that the previous attempt. Time and Experience are the greatest teachers you can ever have. Make use of them to the fullest, and you will grow exponentially!

A take-home message on ‘Following your passion’

There is no joy, like doing the work that you are passionate about and being able to live a sustainable life doing that. If you want to achieve this, it becomes your responsibility to figure out, how you can achieve that. You can not simply give up or curse the situation for not having an ideal life. You need to earn it! Here is an article about Motivation which might be helpful to you in doing this. I hope this ‘Five step framework’ will provide you the direction and how to go about it in following your passion. 

I wish you all the best, I hope you achieve great success in your passion!

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